Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation Time!!!!

As of Tuesday the 14th of July I will be going away to the Beautiful, Sunny, and incredibly hot state of Florida! woot! And what can be better than this you may ask?... well I am going alone! Some would be saddened by this but in my case I am extremely excited that I don't have to be on a flight with my very annoying brother, who luckily visited my grandmother the week before. But don't get me wrong I do of course love my darling brother. :D

Here is my dilemma: I really don't want to go through baggage and stuff, which I also heard can be expensive, so I am only taking a carry on bag. Which means that I have to be selective in my clothes. But the real problem is my toiletry bag.

What is allowed!

A disposable razor?
my eye solution?

I'm so confused! If anyone could help that would be great!



katie said...

I am also going on vacation tomorrow but sadly my brother is going with me. I have the same problem but my mom says that you are allowed a razor and tweezers. I'm not sure about everything else but I was told that liquids have to be under 4 ounces and in plastic bags or they will be confiscated. Hope that helps!

KD said...


Aww Im sorry about having to go with your brother, trust me I feel your pain. Thanks for the info! I guess I will just buy everyhting else in florida. :D Have fun and enjoy your vacation!


Bookworm said...

Have fun KD!

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

Have fun! :)


Jenna said...

have fun on your trip. :)