Monday, June 15, 2009

Trouble always comes in 3's

This week has been too much for me. One person can only stand so much emotional stress in such a short time period! Lets just say that this week has sucked. All my issues are car related, and I am beginning to think that not only does technology hate me but automobiles do as well!
My mom told me today that trouble always comes in 3's, and after this week I cannot agree with her more.

1. My moms van is hit and we have to pay 700 dollars to pay for the bumper. (Which is not that bad...but still.)

2. Later that day around 10:30 PM I myself get pulled over in my mothers van (I am only 16) by an older than dirt cop that has nothing better to do than make my life miserable. He says to me "the license plate on the vehicle was expired two days ago." Give me a brake! The plate says June and if I am not mistaken it is still JUNE! There was no reason to pull me over! Regardless I still was upset and very emotional, even more so when I realized I forgot my license at home and could not find the registration! "Mam. I am going to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle." This brought even more tears as I am standing on Main Street at late hours in front of his sparkly-lighted car. I was given "48 hours to correct it."

3. In my own vehicle a couple days later I was going to a softball game and hit a van while trying to leave. This also brought tears (yes, I am an emotional person, which was enhanced by me being on my period.), as the dent was very significant and huge! The size of a basketball to say the least. Somehow I got out of this by "being on private property" or something.

I am now traumatized and without a car as it has been temporarily taken away by my parents due to the latest event. However, they were very understanding and I am blessed that they were more concerned for my safety.



Ashley said...

I'm sorry. Sounds stressful. :/

KD said...

lol very stressful. oh well I am now letting it go. :]

KittyCat said...

I hate driving (esp in my country) but am sorry to hear of your mishap so late at night.

Luckily you're OK. As a Mum myself, I think your mother wouldn't care what happens to the van as long as you're fine :)

Sassy CC said...

That is just crap kind of a week and an omen to not go near vans. Hopefully the week has gone better.


Anonymous said...

Driving can be such a pain sometimes as can cars. Sorry you had all of this stuff happen to you and in one single week as well..blah.

I'm really emotional too so I know I would have reacted just as you did.

Hope the upcoming weeks are nicer to you! =D