Saturday, June 6, 2009


It is officially summer for myself and others who have also started summer! woot! Very excited and well....EXCITED! I can not wait for all the amazing things that I am planning to do. I am going to Florida, going to a cabin in the mountains in Tennessee, going canoeing, camping, partying, and so so much more!

What is everyone else doing this summer?


The Book Obsession said...

Katie why do you torture me with this post? Whyyy? haha

~Lizzie <3

Hope. said...

Aaaand apparently KD and I and our friends are going bungee jumping. KD says. xD

LIZZIEEEE. You should be out of school NOW. =))


KD said...

The book obsession:

Im sorry Lizzie! lol

Sunkissed said...

Hi- I'm new to your blog and i absolutely love it!!Its so cute! Anyways, well this summer i got my first job and I'm going to California and a Cruise.


p.s.- check out my blog

Lilibeth Ramos said...

You just got tagged, check it out:

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