Sunday, June 21, 2009

In My Mailbox- Vlog 6-21-09

This is kind of off... but oh well. I got tired of trying to fix it so now I am just posting it :] This was originally done by the story siren so go check her out!

I bought two books this week:

Men in Black- Mark R. Levin
Ink Exchange- Melissa Marr


Bookworm said...

Taylor Swift in the background--yay!!!! LOL. Great week, awesome vlog! I'm too afraid to do a vlog. In videos, my voice always sounds like a squeaky chipmunk!!! (:

The Book Obsession said...

Omggg! KD did a vlog! Yess =]

Hope. said...

YAY KD DID A VLOG! Glad my horrible explaining when I was at my grandmas worked. xD It was AMAZING KDDDD! And good luck finishing Men in Black by Friday... it's a Ladd book, so it should be really ENTERTAINING. Oh, and you caved and are taking the class next year? Good luck. =)

OH. And I need you to pick me up at 11:40 tomorrow! I'm gonna text you in case you don't get this...

Okay. I'm done blabbing now. xD


katie said...

Great vlog. I haven't tried that yet but I kind of want to. Also, Ink Exchange is amazing. Enjoy!

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

I think I will finally pick up Wicked Lovely the next time I go to the bookstore. Good vlog!