Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cedar Point! woot :D

Hey everybody! I just got back from Cedar Point! woot. It was so much fun! To everybody who doesn't know where this is, it is in Ohio. The next day we went to soak city, it was a little rainy...but that just meant that we had short lines, or no lines at all :D

Has anyone else been to Cedar Point?


Anonymous said...

I've never been but judging by that roller coaster, it looks awesome. I love amusement parks. :D

KD said...


I know I love tham too! I had to wait an hour for this one! But it was worth it. :D

Barrie said...

On your sidebar, you say that you're reading Prom. That was one of my favorite Laurie Halse Anderson books!

Hope. said...

YOU DID NOT TELL ME YOU WERE GOING HERE. Jealous. We went last summer.. it was epic. lol xDD