Saturday, May 9, 2009

Look alikes: Celeb version

So last night when i was browsing through my google reader I saw that alea had some look alike. When I saw the one cover "skinned" I think it was the girl on the cover had a crazy resemblance to caridee off of Americas next top model! So I decided to come up with Celeb look alike for covers. hehe.... If someone has already done this then please tell me so I can give you credit!
1st of course my find of caridee... That looks like the girl on the cover of "Skinned"

Then we have Demi Lavoto looking like the girl on the cover of "Shes so Money"

And Finally Meaghan Martin looking like the girl on the cover of "Audry Wait!"


Kelsey said...

That's really neat! Great idea!

Alea said...

Hehe! I love it!

Hope. said...

You weren't lying when you left Sarah's last night and said you were doing this right when you got home. xD

Love the idea, Katie. =)


Bookworm said...

Crazyness! You have an eye for lookalikes....Love it!

Sadako said...

She does look like Caridee! And I really like this idea too.

Yan said...

Oh wow! This is such a fun idea!