Monday, February 2, 2009

Marked- P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast

Summary: from Amazon

In 16-year-old Zoey Redbird's world, vampyres not only exist but are also tolerated by humans. Those whom the creatures "mark" as special enter the House of Night school where they will either become vampyres themselves, or, if their body rejects the change, die. To Zoey, being marked is truly a blessing, though she's scared at first. She has never fit into the human world and has always felt she is destined for something else. Her grandmother, a descendant of the Cherokee, has always supported her emotionally, and it is she who takes the girl to her new school. But even there the teen stands apart from the others. Her mark from the Goddess Nyx is a special one, showing that her powers are very strong for one so young. At the House of Night, Zoey finds true friendship, loyalty, and romance as well as mistrust and deception. She realizes that all is not right in the vampyre world and that the problems she thought she left behind exist there as well.


I was looking for a good supernatural book when I came across Marked. I heard some good things about this series so I gave it a try. I soon found out early in the book that I would not be disappointed. I barley put it down and ended up finishing it in the same day I started it.

The only thing that bothered me was the way they spelled vampire. They spelled it like this "Vampyre" This bugged me a little bit, however I thought it was creative of them to spell it like that. I found their overall take on vampires very interesting, I especially liked the fact that humans were aware of vampires world wide.

Overall, this story was fantastic and I recommend it to all vampire lovers! I cannot wait to start reading the other books in this series! lol I already went out and bought the second one this weekend!



prophecygirl said...

I like this series too! The only thing that slightly annoys me is the teen speak. But other than that, they're great!

KD said...

I know right! who says "mamma"? That really annoyed me. But Im glad you liked it as well!


Bookworm said...

Cool! I've heard a lot about this one. Not really my thing but great review!

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